Thursday, March 16, 2017

MARCH 2017
1. a.Shelly b. Sam c.traffic accident e.collar and harness
2. a.Rob’s mother b.The artist c.Celine d.Rex Coker’s brother
3. a.council worker b.An Indian engineer 4.a flying officer 5.Goldy
4. a. A piano b.Silican c.45 d.US e. Fourteen years
5. a. Because the flood water that had poured into their little terraced home was already 30 cm deep
and rising.
b.As they could out of the reach of the filthy water.
c. 22nd September 2003 on Monday at 2.15 pm
d.Serge were a council worker aged 43 and Celine (32 years ) a home help.
e.In Lunel which stands only a few meters above the sea level
 6. a. United States b.a wonderful career in MNCs c.promising career
d.convince his mother e. Funds
 7. Supplementary Paragraph. a,b and c ( Any one )
Section II
 8. Notes Making
 9.Complete the dialogue
 Section III
 10. Utterences
 11. Letter Writng
 12. Advertisement on any one.
Section- iv
 13. Expnd the headlines.
 14. a. 245 b. 110 c. False d. 18:00 to 20:00 e. 10:00 to 12:00
 15. Paragraph any one
 16. Products and Slogans
a. if you call it will reach in minutes.
b. Non stop power
c. Learn Management
d. Handle with Care.
e. The cup that cheers.
7. Route map.
* Walk along the trunk road
* End of the trunk road turn right
*you will see a hotel at your right side
*take right turn after the hotel
*proceed to walk.
* you will reach the Post office at your left side.
d.Sits and smiles on the night
e. a flower
 19. Translation
*Keep your surroundings clean.
*Dont make the roads  dirty by throwing the garbages and waste.
*Dont spit anywhere.
*I see a puppy in a kennel
* It looks so cute
* It is a  pet animal.
*It looks  hungry
*We should take care of our pets
Its a loyal animal

Tuesday, March 14, 2017





i c offerings

ii d sorrowful

iii a strong

iv b offered

v d clearly marked


i c external

ii a friendship

iii b better

iv b ignored

v d mortal


4 a He wants to buy a flat.


6 b guard

7 c aquaria

8 c ance

9 c gave in

10 a per-ma-nent=Tri syllabic word

11 b provide

12 a she is obedient

13 He behaved that of a gentleman.
14 b Everyone can learn English easily.
15 b you will pass the exam
16 a SVA

17 b hasn't it?

18 c taller

19 a Everything is possible in life
20 c On account of

21 c to finish

22 a for the poor

23 a an

24 a behind

25 Kiran is very ill and so she cannot go to school today.(Compound Sentence)
26 Sweets were given to all children by Santa Claus and He was thanked by them profusely.(Passive Voice)
27 The teacher told the students that they were going on an excursion to Kerala next week.(InDirect Speech)
28 If they evade taxation,they will be punished.( If clause-I Type)
29 Ravi's income is the most highest of others.(Superlative Degree)
30 "What a pretty girl you are!" Exclaimed Rashmi.
40 The poet means the inner beauty of our heart.
41 we refers to people.
42 The children work all day.
43 Vista means beautiful view.
44 Success and failure are called impostors.
45 The rhyming words are 'song-belong', 'outside-guide'.
46 The alliterated words are 'Sixty-seconds', 'With-worth'.
47 Metaphor

48 The Rhyme Scheme employed in this line is 'abcb'.
49 Simile

b)Discipline shapes our mind to religious,social and economic patterns when we grow up to be an active citizen.
c)Children merely long for unlimited freedom without understanding the  meaning of discipline
d)An athelete disciplines himself and keeps himself fit
e)Discipline increases the human energy and implies control,resistence and adjustment 

52 a Remove so and and put  ,

b an

c was

d drinks

e is

53 1 I see girls performing karakattam in the picture.

2 I can see this performance during car festivals in village.

3 Dancers have" karagam" on their head.

4 The significance of this dance is one should not lose the karagam on their head.

5 Thappattam and Oilattam are the other forms of dances.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friends spend a minute to vote

Friends spend a minute to vote
என் முகநூல் நட்புகளுக்கு வணக்கம்
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